All makes and models are welcome!

Our Menu of Services*

Oil Change Special

Conventional: $45.00 up to 4 quarts (Bel-Ray), other brands charged accordingly
Synthetic: $65.00 and up

Tire Service

Tire service per tire including balancing. Also includes free chain service for rear tire changes.
On the bike:
       $55.00 for most bikes**
Off the bike:
       $35.00 for most bikes**
       Does not include tubes or hardware.

Other Services

Coolant flush
$85.00 + conventional coolant, Engine Ice extra charge

Tune up (spark plugs and air filter)
$135.00 + parts

Fork Seals
$230.00 + parts

Wheel Bearing Service per wheel.
$95.00 + bearings
Shaft: $120.00 + bearings

Chain and Sprocket
$127.50 + parts

Diagnostic fee***
$85.00 per hour; up to 3 hours

Labor fee
$85.00 per hour

Dyno Tuning: Sportbikes
$300+ tuned on Power Commander/Bazzaz: pending Y/M/M
$400+ tuned on ecm: pending Y/M/M


*Prices may vary based on model of bike.
**Certain models will have an additional price increase.
***After 3 hours of diagnostics, if the problem is not found we will reassess and consult with customer. Diagnostic fee is waved upon Speedkings Custom Cycles repairing your vehicle; in which case, the fee will be credited towards the final bill.